Meet The Course Creator

Hi, I'm Caroline!

I started the online creative community Made Vibrant where I help soulful creatives live and work as the best, brightest, most vibrant versions of themselves. My sweet spot is at the intersection of creativity, business, and personal growth. I love discovering new ways that these areas of my life feed one another, and my passion is sharing those discoveries with people like you that can learn from them most.

My teaching approach aims to explain things as clearly as possible while still being FUN, relatable and inspiring!

Why I created this course

Quite simply, I love seeing people thrive as their best and brightest selves. For many people, living their brightest life means owning their own business, but I know first-hand how challenging it can be to start a creative business from scratch. Still, in less than one year, I went from being a self-taught freelance designer on the side to being a full-time brand designer with a profitable business booked three months in advance. 

I've helped dozens of businesses in all shapes and sizes create meaningful, authentic brands, but what I realized is that the people I love working with most -- the solopreneurs just starting out and itching to get their idea off the ground -- weren't the people that could afford custom brand packages. That's when it became clear to me that I wanted to create a learning experience that would give business owners (especially "non-designers") the confidence they need to brand their own businesses at an affordable cost.